Change in Application

Now that our clan has adequate staff, you no longer 'need' to apply to join GKSC by posting your application here. Instead, add me in game, or join 'Lancerlotte' clan chat. My 'PM' will be on most days (excluding when there is a clan event on). If you apply in game, your application will be processed a lot quicker. I look forward to meeting you in game.


We would like to remind you to check back on your application, at least once per day. Due to how busy we are, there is no set processing time. However we try to get all applications dealt with as soon as possible.

By checking back on your application, you will not miss the chance you make a note of your membership number.

All applications and application responses are deleted approximately 3 days after the processing has been finalised.

Please ensure you have a look at the example of what an acceptable application should look like.
This example can be found by clicking the 'application demo' link found on all pages of our site.

Remember to add your referees name.
(the person who recruited you/informed you about GKSC)

If you are unable to produce your membership number when asked, we will assume that you have lost control of that RS2 account. Therefore that membership and number will be erased from records and you will no longer be a member of GrailKnights.


Enter your applications here. we will delete all entered information as soon as application has been processed. No records will be kept. No cost or charge. CB100+ only

Post your application as reply to this post. Thanks and good luck

All Applications Will Be Cleared After Processing

ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE DELETED from site as soon as the membership process has been completed.

THERE IS NO CHARGE OR COST of any description to be a member or to visit homepage.
Personal information will not be asked for. However the option to be added to an E-mail mailing list will be offered. If worried or unsure, then do not do it. You can still receive notifications in game so there is no obligation.

NO RECORDS ARE KEPT. The only reason we have set up application entry form the way we have, is to test peoples honesty as checks are made on all members. Applications received will be deleted as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: shortly we will be adding a list of names of members:
To have your name entered on the list you must choose YES on the application, otherwise your name will remain confidential.


Post your application for clan leader here. watch this space for a reply with your contacts runescape name. chat more with your contact for further information.


Post your Grail Knight Applications here as a comment to this message.


Post your Grail Knight Applications here as a comment to this message.